Attach Coaming and Sand Deck

Once the epoxy cures the already formed coaming can be attached.

Getting the coaming glued on brought out an arsenal of clamps.

Coaming is on, but since it’s made of three layers of epoxied wood (including the deck), the edges are very rough.

Using a hand router with a straight bit to knock off the big stuff.

Finishing the edges with a rasp. A fairly smooth coaming is desired since you’ll be climbing over it to get in and out of the kayak.

The last big sanding before the varnish.

Feathering the edges where the deck and sheer panels met took some work.

The bottom panels required the most effort because this is where the fiberglass from the hull overlapped with the deck fiberglass. Many boatbuilders offer advise on how to lay out the fiberglass to maintain a smooth edge. I’m just glad this section will be underwater.

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