Attach the Deck and Hull

The deck is now tack welded and ready to be attached to the hull.

Once the edges are epoxied the deck is wired to the hull. Plenty of shrink wrap is used to get all the edges lined up.

The clamps are removed and almost the entire bow gets taped. I started at the forward hatch and worked towards the end of the bow.

The side panels stick out a bit from the transom and will need to be trimmed later.

A little more epoxy work on the bow...

As well as the stern.

Fun stuff. The boat is tilted on the side to reach in and apply fiberglass tape to the deck/hull seam. One side, then the other.

Long arms meant I didn’t have to build a brush attachment to reach inside. Someone had recommended putting the fiberglass in first, then applying epoxy. Tried it on one side and it was a complete mess. Follow the instructions and roll up pieces of fiberglass tape, soak them in epoxy, and then apply.

The hull is sanded in preparation for fiberglassing.

More sanding. A good dust mask is a definite requirement

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