Cut and Assemble the Hatches

Lining up the shape to cut out for the large aft hatch.

A couple of ways to do this – decided on a jig saw with painter’s tape wrapped on the base to keep from gouging the deck. Amazing how quick a saw can wander off a line…

With the Wood Duck 14, there’s also a smaller forward hatch to cut out.

Under that pile of weights is the aft cutout glued to a wood stiffener. The two pieces must be aligned so that they fit back into the hatch opening. Which means keeping them from sliding around while blindly covering them with a piece of plywood and stacking weights on top. It moved.

Same thing with the forward hatch. Pretty much the same result as with the aft hatch.

Gluing in the sill for the forward hatch.

Clamps to hold the forward hatch sill in place.

Even more clamps to glue in the forward hatch rim.

Adding the sill for the aft hatch.

The aft hatch is larger, so that means even more clamps are needed for the rim. At this point realized that some of these clamps were unlikely to be used again after this project. Epoxy went everywhere.

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