Finishing with Varnish

Once sanding is complete it’s time to varnish, starting with the hull.

Varnish, unlike epoxy, has strong vapors. It took less than 5 minutes for me to realize I’d forgotten to put on my respirator.

The Schooner varnish I used went on well, but because it was so thin drips quickly formed. Spent considerable time circling the kayak looking for drips.

After the several days that it took to complete the four coats (probably should have been five) of varnish, the kayak was flipped over to do the hull.

As expected, there were drips on the deck from varnishing the hull. Turns out varnish is harder to sand than expected.

Having spent several weeks sanding epoxy, it was hardly likely that my garage was in the recommended “dust free” condition ideal for applying varnish. Of course that means the garage side door could not be left open for ventilation since that would just stir up more dust.

Love the contrast between the Sapele and Okoume wood. Can’t believe some people paint the entire boat.

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