Delivery and Unpacking

A 14 foot boat that comes in two boxes.

Joining the Panels

Making longer boards from shorter ones.


Bevel the edges and start wiring.

Stitching the Hull

Adding forms to stitch the hull.

Adding the Side Panels

A canoe like kayak.

Stitching the Deck

Building the deck and setting up saw horses for the rest of the work.

Dry Fitting the Hull and Deck

Checking the fit of the hull and deck together before committing to the shape.

Tack-Welding the Hull and Deck

Tape up the hull and deck, and tack-weld the seams.

Re-Attach the Deck and Hull

Attach the deck and hull, for now and ever more.

Cut and Assemble the Hatches

The Wood Duck 14 has two hatches that must be cut out and built.

Filleting the Interior Joints

No fish here - think sealing the seams with fiberglass and epoxy.

Attach the Deck and Hull

The deck and hull become one - inside joints sealed.

Glue up Cockpit Coaming

Glued up cockpit coaming early - should help later when attaching to hull.

Fiberglass and Sand the Hull

Fiberglass, lots of epoxy, and sanding. And then more sanding.

Fiberglass the Deck

Same process for the deck.

Attach Coaming and Sand Deck

With the coaming already formed, it now needs to be glued on and the entire deck sanded.

Finishing with Varnish

Now for the finishing coat of varnish. And more sanding.

Outfitting the Kayak

Hatch holds and footrest are all that's left to add.

Tips and Observations

A few things learned, and a couple more to think about.

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Building a Chesapeake Light Craft Wood Duck 14

Not much woodworking here, but it kept me from working wood for two months.

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